Video securiy camera products.

We offer a full range of surveillance camera to cover your needs for system monitoring residential or commercial: Sony, PTZ, hidden cameras internal external, day and night infrared camera.


NC-254S: 1/3” Sony CCD 420TVL, Infrared 3.6/6mm  22pcs Led, 25 M. Availability: In Stock.Specifications, our price: 85 cad



AZIR420: 1/3" Sony CCD Color 420TVL, IR 30M, 3.6mm Waterproof  with Bracket.In Stock: pecifications. our price: 90 cad  




NC-313S: 1/3" Sony Super HAD color CCD,420 TVL, 54 Pieces  IR Camera, 40 M,  Availability: In Stock. Specifications ,  our price: 120 cad



AZVAN540: 1/3“ sony CCD, 520TVL,   3.5-8mm vandal proof, varifocal lens. Availability: In Stock. Specifications.  our price: 140 cad




AZBX540: 1/3” Sony color CCD camera, 420TV Line, 0.1Lux, Availability: In Stock.  Specifications.  our price: 99 cad 




PTZ480: PTZ Sony 1/4" Color CCD 480 TVL watherproof  -40°C to + 50°C (outdoor),  our price: 899 cad . Specifications




AZCLC420: 1/3" Sony Super HAD Interline Transfer CCD, 420TVL, 3.7mm,  In Stock. Specifications.  our price: 85 cad





NC-208S: 1/3" Sony Super HAD color CCD,420 TVL SpecificationsSpecifications.   our price: 75 cad




AZMVM420: 1/3” Sony color CCD, 420TVL,3.7mm Specifications.  our price: 79 cad































Équipement camera de sécurité vidéo système de camera surveillance vidéo par camera

équipement camera cctv système de surveillance vidéo dvr setup configuration vidéo remote access visualisation a distance

















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